Check your Hand Size on KeyMouse

We're working on ways to get customers familiar with KeyMouse device size.  Here is a PDF file that you can download and print, which will give you a feel for how your hand would fit on it (if you are printing with Adobe Acrobat, be sure to set "Page Scaling" to "None" on the print dialog).  We modified the colors in the image so that it doesn't use up all your ink/toner.  We currently have "medium" size KeyMouse available to customers, but will soon allow you to also choose "small" or "large" when you checkout (hopefully within a week or so).  Further down the road, we hope to have even more sizes (maybe 10 or 20) to make sure it fits exactly to your hand.  We are also considering a sizing kit with various sizes that we can ship to you to see which one fits best before we build your KeyMouse.  We know that comfort is very important so we will continue to improve this area as we move forward.

Download KeyMouse Alpha Size PDF


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