KeyMouse Alpha 103 is Now Available :)

KeyMouse is pleased to announce our latest version of KeyMouse Alpha.

What's New:
1. We've developed a custom soft touch rubber coating for the housing that has good grip, long lasting, and looks great.  It's an automotive grade paint/rubber that adds a touch of class to the 3D printed KeyMouse housings (top housing is rubbery, bottom housing is not).
2. New small button module for mouse clicks & mouse freeze - longer life cycle and less force required to activate.
3. We now have FCC, CE, and IC certification.
4. Improved quality USB Cables.
5. Option for Small/Medium/Large hand size.
6. Various bug fixes in firmware and software have been released over the past few months.

Note: although the product is very functional, we still label the product as "Beta" in our shopping cart.  We are still working on more documentation, tutorial videos, etc.  We've been using our KeyMouse devices for almost a year now internally with good success.

Here are some photos of our latest KeyMouse Alpha (actual photos):


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