KeyMouse Alpha is Now Available

KeyMouse Alpha is now available for purchase as a 3D printed product at
We still have the "Beta" label on it since we are still polishing our offering (finishing documentation, demo videos, etc.).  It's a very usable product as it is today.

We are planning to continue using 3D printing for manufacturing as we move forward.  This gives us the flexibility to continue to evolve and improve our products without the cost of expensive tooling for each change.  We'd rather invest in a 3D print farm.  We currently have 18 3D printers, and will add more as volume picks up.  We have plans to also expand into other versions of KeyMouse such as Trackball, Gaming Keypads, and application specific input devices (examples: SolidWorks, Video Editing, AutoCAD, QuickBooks, etc.).  Our new modular circuit board design will help us on this path.  The attached images are 3D printed and painted (which is what customers will receive when ordering).  We will continue working to make it better each day.  Thank you for all your support.


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