KeyMouse Track is Now Available

KeyMouse Track is now available on our website :) This is a super comfortable mechanical keyboard/trackball combined. Works with both USB and Bluetooth. All keys & buttons are fully programmable. Chair mounting options are available.

Now you have 2 options to choose from on our website - KeyMouse Alpha is our "mouse" version (with fewer keys for lighter device and easier mouse movement) and KeyMouse Track is our "trackball" version (which has a more complete keyboard, and mouse motion is done with the trackball). 

Trackball motion is fully reprogrammable now. For example, when you switch to the Blue layer the trackball operates as a scroll wheel. When in the Yellow layer, the trackball operates as a volume control. You can fully customize the mouse motion however you want (mouse motion = arrow keys, scrolling, volume, page up/page down, etc.). We've also done many updates to the software.

The KeyMouse Team

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