More Videos with KeyMouse Prototypes

Here are some more videos of the KeyMouse prototypes.


This first one shows the KeyMouse being used with an Android Tablet.  Both the left and right KeyMouse devices are paired via Bluetooth.  Note: Use on tablets and phones will not be officially supported at product launch, but we're showing this video so you can see that it is working in our testing so far.


This next video shows some of the mouse DPI adjustments.  In the first part of the video, the "Mouse Freeze" button on the right KeyMouse is programmed for a low DPI setting for "Precision Mode" while the button is held down.  In the latter part of the video, the button at the tip of the thumb on the left KeyMouse is programmed as Fn Blue, and the F7 thru F12 buttons on the right KeyMouse are programmed to set the mouse DPI in steps from 200 DPI (F7 key) up to 3,200 DPI (F12 key).  In this example Fn Blue + F7 is programmed to set the mouse DPI to 200, etc.  This is another example of what we've been working on in the firmware (making it so this functionality can be stored in the device).


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