Updated Features

Due to your helpful feedback, we're making KeyMouse even better!  We met with the design & engineering teams yesterday and today to verify we are able to put these features in and stay on schedule.  Here's the list of changes we're making to KeyMouse:

  • Adding USB for lower latency and charging the battery (now you have both USB and Bluetooth interfaces).  Previously this was under consideration, but now it's certain we will have it.
  • Battery is now Rechargeable Li-Ion (no more AA batteries...battery life will not be the same as AA, but just plug in to charge by USB or use USB with no need for batteries). 
  • We're adding backlit keys - primarily to be used when USB is plugged in.
  • Adding Diodes on every key (N-key rollover & Anti-ghosting)
  • We're switching to mechanical Cherry MX brown key switches.  Advantages include: bigger keys - the #1 requested feature from users that have tried the device. Easier to type on.  More open support for DVORAK and alternate layouts such as international (you can replace the key caps with standard Cherry MX key caps now, or rearrange them).  Longer key life.  Typing on number pad (using "Num Shift" or "Num Lock" will be much better.  To keep the device compact, typing some characters will need to be done with a Function or Shift key, since we didn't want to make the device huge to accommodate bigger keys.  
  • We are working on a compound curved key surface - which means it curves both horizontally and vertically to be even more ergonomic. It's a challenge to achieve this, but we feel it will be worth it.
  • Bigger F1 - F12 keys.
  • Bigger thumb buttons / re-arranged thumb buttons - we're working on a configuration in the thumb area that makes it easier to access the thumb buttons and bigger so they are easier to push.
  • Linux driver/software is on roadmap (instead of in consideration). Now we will support Windows, Mac, and Linux, although it will be created after Windows and Mac drivers/software.  We are under consideration to open source the Linux driver.
  • We are angling the device slightly more for better ergonomics and comfort in how your hand rests on the device.
  • Adding texture to palm/wrist rest that will help avoid sweating
  • Bigger mouse buttons
  • Bigger mouse wheel

We are still on schedule and working hard to provide an updated design by the end of January and finish our new prototypes by the end of February.

We'll keep you posted on our progress.



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