Updated KeyMouse Design - 3D Model Preview

We're working on an updated design to address many of the requests users have had.  We're still refining the shape and positioning over the next few days.  I'm showing you what we have so far as a 3D solid model so you can see the direction we're moving with KeyMouse (pictures below).  This model matches the "New Key Layout" posted in update #5.  Once we refine this updated design, we'll create functioning prototypes (followed by production if all looks and feels good):

  • Bigger keys for easier typing (including Function keys and thumb buttons).  This is the #1 request we've received so far.
  • Cherry MX mechanical switches (with Backlighting)
  • Columnar key layout - keycaps are more uniform in shape and size and can be re-arranged more easily.  Allows us to address additional key layouts such as DVORAK and international layouts better.  Also allows better alignment for number pad area (used with "Num Shift", NumLock)
  • Key caps are custom - slightly smaller size than standard Cherry caps so the device doesn't get too big (but still bigger than the keys on our first prototype).  Printed key sets for common layouts, and blank keys will be available on our site when they are ready.
  • Angle of main key area slopes slightly more for more comfortable typing angle
  • Bigger mouse buttons
  • Bigger mouse wheel
  • CTRL, WIN, ALT are moved down into the main key area for more familiarity
  • Wrist rest is raised a little more for more relaxed reach of keys.  We're still working on the interchangeable palm/wrist rest portion for different sized hands, and are also looking at a possible option to have the wrist rest completely removed for those who want their wrist on the mouse pad.  There will be mount points on the devices, and we plan to open source the 3D models of the palm/wrist rest so users can create their own if they choose.
  • Secondary Mouse Click button at tip of thumb for those who want to click with thumb instead of using trigger action of index finger to click (also reprogrammable).
  • Devices will have embedded USB hub so you can plug right side into computer, and then left side into right side (or vice versa) for when you use USB.  No cables needed if you want to use Bluetooth.
  • Additional key next to space bar
  • Palm rest conforms better to hand shape
  • Laser sensor has been moved directly under the index finger for more intuitive mouse movement
  • Overall devices are slightly bigger, but we are very conscious of weight and size working to make it as light as possible, and as compact as possible and still be fluent for typing.

-The KeyMouse Team


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