Customer Stories


Because my wrists hurt with mousing, even after a slew of different kinds, I  kept two mice at my desk so that I could switch from one hand to the other when I needed to for comfort. I already used an ergonomic keyboard, and that helped some, but not enough.  When I saw the Keymouse on Kickstarter years ago, I waited for it to be released rather than risk a failed project that would not deliver.

After it released, I tried the KeyMouse.  The idea was amazing, but I could not quite adapt to it.  With only three rows of keys, there was way too much learning and extended keys combinations me.  It was worth the $50 return-fee just to try it, and I really wanted them to be successful so that they would continue to develop their KeyMouse Track.

When the Trackball version came out, I knew I had a winner, despite still having to "train" on it a bit.  I used it for maybe an hour, then got a bit frustrated and went back to my old system.  The next day, maybe 2 hours, but again I returned to the familiar.  Especial with software programming, I needed the familiar more than the KeyMouse.  This continued, and each day I found myself using the KeyMouse Track more and more before pulling back my old keyboard.

Then there came a point where I noticed that motion from keys to mouse over and over, and I found myself reaching for the KeyMouse track as the preferred device.  It was noticeable.. I had crossed an invisible line where the new became easier and more comfortable than the old.  So if you get frustrated, just know that with practice, that point will come for you too.

That alone would be worth trying the device and adapting, but it gets better.  The support at KeyMouse is absolutely amazing.  I had a bunch of special-case how-to questions and they were all answered quickly and accurately.  The software is pretty cool too, letting me design my custom keys where I want them, based on my individual preferences.  After fiddling with a number of the keys and moving them to where I wanted them, the device just kept getting better and better.  

Add to that the fact that additional features and functions are still being delivered via software updates, and I am fully confident that purchasing the KeyMouse Track was worth it for me, despite the hefty price-tag.

- A.G. (Kenmore, Washington)


The good


As a programmer I truly value the programming options offered by the KeyMouse. Based on the white layer, I have made a new ‘green programming layer’ which I can activate permanently by pressing a key on the blue layer. On the green programming layer the F keys offer me the following functions: 
• F1: ctrl-X
• F2: ctrl-A
• F3: ctrl-C
• F4: ctrl-V
• F5: ctrl-Z
• F6: ctrl-Y
• F7: new function statement ( code snippet )
• F8: if-then-else statement ( code snippet)
• F9 and F10 are unassigned for the time being.
• F11: ctrl-shift-F ( format code )
• F12: Mac-key-F ( find )

It's mighty handy to have all those functions readily available at the press of a single button!

Scroll wheels

I would recommend to program the left scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling and the right one for vertical scrolling. The scroll wheels are clickable too.

Cursor speed

The cursor speed is fully adjustable by changing the DPI settings of the optical sensor. In my case, under Mac OSX Sierra, it was necessary to crank it up a bit which was a breeze.


To program a macro which will output text, you first need to assign a different unused F key – F13 and upwards – to the macro button. Then you can assign a macro to that button. On the mac, curly brackets need to be escaped in the macro by a backslash: \{ . And yes, you can store your passwords in the macros, but due to security settings on the mac, they will not work in the OSX password input box. They will however work fine in the terminal window. 


Personally, I am a big fan of the block layout used on the KeyMouse. In the block layout, all keys are lined up in straight lines. Typing is fast and effortless. Next to that, the hand rest is superbly sculptured and offers a comfortable, natural grip and easy access to the scroll wheels and mouse buttons. Finally, the ability to place the two KeyMice at shoulder width is a bomber feature. This position eliminates the shoulder tension associated with normal keyboard work, allows you to place your drink right in front of you and offers an unobstructed view of your screens. In my opinion, the ergonomics of the KeyMouse are one of its strongest points. 


Mechanical key switches by Cherry are amazing on any device and this is no different on the KeyMouse. I went with the silent red switches and could not be happier. Quiet, satisfying, light, reliable and sexy.

The bad


If in doubt between a version for bigger hands and one for smaller hands, I would advise to go with the version for smaller hands. In my opinion it will be a bit easier to reach the farther keys such as Y and O. 


As it is natural to keep your hand resting on the KeyMouse, this will impact the glide characteristics. There is certainly more friction involved than in the case of a regular mouse. One remedy is to simply take the weight off the mouse and hold it lightly between your thumb and pinkie when you need to start moving the mouse cursor around. It takes some getting used to, but it is certainly a workable solution. I definitely do recommend to use the KeyMouse on the gaming mat.

Learning how to type

Yes, the keymouse does take some effort to get used to it's key layout. Thankfully, the basic layout is very well thought out and does resemble the keyboard layout a lot. I was able to type basic text – although still with a lot of misfires - within the first two hours of usage. After one day I was comfortable enough to put away my normal keyboard. Right now I am using the keymouse for one week and I am typing this review without much effort at all. So in truth, it is a bit unfair to list this point under the heading ‘bad’, but hey, I am just trying to do justice to tradition here, right?

And the ugly

So, what about the ugly I hear you ask? Well, he must have gotten drunk, as he never showed up. The finish on the device is top notch and all functions work like a charm. All in all, I can recommend the KeyMouse as one of the best – if not the best – computer input device on the market today.

- M.K. (Germany)


Work in Progress. Metal plate on back of tray. I used a break to make the 90-degree bend. The extra metal become the tabs to hold it in place. Wood plug from hole saw wrapped in duct tape to get a better fit.



Magnetic mount is firm but adjustable. I use a 50” 4k on a track mounted to the ceiling. The chair is from Costco but all that is required is the it has cup holders and a step down design. That give room for the keyboard and puts your arm in the correct position. This one reclines and has an adjust head rest and is real leather. As you can see I plan to use my keyboards as corded. I plan on wiring up the backlight feature.


J.L. (Portland, OR)



Here is my story.


5 years ago I stated having issues with my right hand. I could not open my hand and hold onto any thing. After going to my hand specialist, we decided to have surgery and do 3 finger release. That was the first surgery. The issues started several years before. I’m a Sr. Microsoft Collaboration Engineer working for CDW. I work about 12 hrs. on my computer.

I have an ergonomic chair and desk, also a rollerball mouse. This did not relieve the pressure and pain in both hands. I was hoping the surgery would help.

This was my first surgery 3 finger trigger release and carpel tunnel, but it turns out I had Dupuytren’s I inherited from the Vikings.

I had the second surgery to release the Dupuytren’s and a third surgery to release the finger.

After having so many surgeries, I had new issues. I could not stretch my hand to use a normal keyboard. I was despaired I would have to quit my job and stop my Art projects.

After using a normal keyboard my hands where killing me. I started searching for possible solutions. One handed keyboard. I even purchased one. I finally found something called the KeyMouse, and I was sold to try one.

The first version of the KeyMouse (KeyMouse Alpha) moves, and it was difficult because my hand would have spasms due to the surgeries, but the KeyMouse guys designed a KeyMouse with a rollerball that works like a charm. I love my KeyMouse (KeyMouse Track), and now I can work again as a field Engineer.

My hands are very relaxed, and I can continue with my second love art. I love paper art. I’m including some of my work

Alma, I wanted to thank your team for giving me back my life and career. I still have many years to continue working and doing my art.

My hands don’t get tired from a long day working at my keyboard. I look forward to your next solution.

I would recommend any person using a keyboard every day 8 hours a day, purchase a KeyMouse and save your hands. Don’t go through my pain. KeyMouse has a solution now at your finger tips.


Thank you so much.

M.H. (Land O'Lakes, Florida) 




Warning - Graphic Images Showing Surgeries


Hand Surgeries