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Update: Fixed by removing the "Disable All Wireless" jumpers that were added only to my KeyMouse (yours shouldn't have them).

I am trying to connect to my KeyMouse Alpha via Bluetooth for the first time. I am following all the steps (up to and including "Debug > Reset the Bluetooth module", but the KeyMouse is still not showing up under the Bluetooth device list (neither in System Preferences' Bluetooth.prefpane nor in the Apple Bluetooth Explorer developer tool's "Device Discovery" list). I also made sure to have updated both sides of the KeyMouse Alpha to the latest firmware (v71) via the latest KeyMouse Software (v2.00), but that did not help. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
3 years ago
Hi Josh,
Are you able to connect either one of the devices, or do they both not connect? You have to pair each hand separately. Also, another thing to check is the battery terminals. If you remove the battery door, make sure the battery terminals are touching both ends of the battery. You may need to slightly bend the terminals out a little more to make sure they have a good connection.
3 years ago
Hi Alma, sorry for the delay and thank you for the reply. To clarify, I see neither my left nor my right KeyMouse show up when I scan for Bluetooth devices. I've tried scanning with my Mac as well as my iPhone, and friends have tried with their devices too, to no avail. I also ensured the battery terminals are touching both ends of the battery on each KeyMouse. I also tried toggling the on/off switches as well as pressing the "Pair" buttons to no avail either. Just out of curiosity, are those LEDs on the bottom supposed to turn on to indicate that the Bluetooth modules are working? I've never seen them light up, maybe that's a clue?

I watched the only video of yours that I found that demonstrates Bluetooth (, but it doesn't show the pairing process nor any troubleshooting. I've searched this site for anything else I could find about troubleshooting this issue, but haven't found anything. Please let me know how we can continue to troubleshoot. Feel free to email me directly if that would be more efficient and then we can post the answer back here if we find it.

Thanks again for your help.
3 years ago
Hi Josh,
That is very strange. If the KeyMouse devices aren't showing up on any PC/Phone, it sounds like a battery issue. There aren't any LED's on the bottom, just the mouse laser sensor.
Here are steps to check:
1. Try removing the battery door and bend the terminals inward just slightly. The terminals must be touching both ends of the batteries.
2. Make sure power switch is "On" and USB cables are disconnected. Can not connect by Bluetooth if USB cables are still connected to the device.
3. Make sure PC/Phone is in pairing mode.
4. Press "Pair" button on the KeyMouse device (have to connect each one to the PC/Phone).
5. Device should appear on list of Bluetooth devices on PC/Phone.

Also, have you tried connecting other Bluetooth devices to the same PC's and Phones? Just want to make sure the Bluetooth is working on the computer.
3 years ago
Hi Alma,

Thanks again for the reply.

I can confirm I’ve been doing steps 2 through 4, and at least half of step 1, but the KeyMouse devices never appear in the Bluetooth device list.

As for step 1, I’ve removed the battery doors and verified the poles of the batteries appear to be making good contact with the terminals. I’m reluctant to try bending the terminals further myself, especially without a video demonstrating this. If some damage were to occur as a result it’d be a costly repair/replacement.

I can also confirm I successfully use other Bluetooth devices (e.g. headphones, portable speakers, etc.) with my computer and phone all the time, and same goes for my friends who tried to see if the KeyMouse would show up in their Bluetooth device lists.

What if this was a manufacturing defect?

Is there anywhere in NYC I could take my KeyMouse to be looked at in person by someone who could help?

3 years ago
Hi Josh,
That is really strange. What surprises me is that both devices (left and right hands) aren't showing up, as they operate independently of each other. I remember we discussed a lot about potential security issues with your company. Did we end up disabling Bluetooth on your devices because of any possible security issues (or did you disable on your own)? The way this would be done is by connecting the 2 Bluetooth pins together with a jumper or by soldering them to each other (see attached image).
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3 years ago
Hi Josh,
I will respond to you directly by email to further resolve.
8 months ago
This issue was resolved not long after I last posted, sorry I forgot to post back here till now! The problem turned out to be limited to just my KeyMouse, so it shouldn't affect anyone else.

The KeyMouse team had added jumpers to the Bluetooth pins on KeyMouse before they sent it to me, to intentionally disable Bluetooth. I had written to them before I bought my KeyMouse that I wanted to use a KeyMouse in an office where Bluetooth keyboards weren't allowed, so they put the jumpers on to try to help with this. I just hadn't realized they had done this! 🤦‍♂️
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