Monday, 01 April 2019
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keymouse Track with GMK QMX plate silencing clips.

Hi all. just wanted to know if anyone else besides myself has tried to put the silencing clips on cherry mx browns. I primarily have 3 questions/comments.

1. ( are the keycaps custom, or will any generic keycaps for cherry MX browns work? )
2. From removal of the keycaps it looks like the 3D printed housing is "similar to plate mounted" cherry mx switches.(am i right or wrong on this one?)but i cant seem to get a loud enough "click" when placing the silencing clips on the keymouse track. (please note that these are the plate mounted GMK QMC plate mounted clips, not the Utilizing the tool sent by GMK, does work to a degree. but i find that finger pressing the silencing clip does a better job.
3. Has anyone else done this with their keymouse? ( I am having a recurring "key cap getting stuck issue" when depressed on the switch fully... still working to resolve this one).
overall i love keymouse track, but just wanted to reduce the noise so i can work on these late at night without disturbing others.

Let me know if anyone else has issues, or has even tried to put these Clips on keymouse. would like to find a way to ensure proper clip "click" for each switch. without breaking the silencing clips.
4 years ago
Hi, please see responses below:
1. Yes, the KeyMouse uses smaller custom key caps. The smaller caps allow the keys to be closer together and easier to reach from one position. You might be able to get other key caps to work, but due to the nature of the KeyMouse devices, the keys are designed to be closer together for easier reach and comfort while keeping your hand in the same (or close to the same) position.
2. Yes, I think they are similar to plate mounted. We have not actually tested silencer clips, but you might be able to get the O-rings to work as well.
3. I would guess they are getting stuck because the key caps are smaller on KeyMouse devices. Again, maybe you could try using rubber O-rings. I'm not sure how they would compare with the silencer clips as far as quiet level.

I hope this information is helpful.
4 years ago
You could use O-Ring Switch Dampeners.
Or, as me, use O-Rings used for dental braces.
(They are basically the same, and available in almost each pharmacy... so you do not have to wait for delivery)
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