Monday, 04 April 2022
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It started when the KeyMouse could not wake up the PC. I would unplug the USB port from the PC and re-attach it, then it worked.
Then I had to do it more than once, then it stopped working completely.
I started getting "No keyboard found" from the BIOS on reboot.
Both batteries tested at 4.17volts (despite the label stating they are 3.7v batteries).
However, I only use them via direct cable, so the batteries should not be the issue.

I flipped the cables so that the left was closer to the PC. That revealed that the left keyboard still works, and only the right is failing.
It means that not only is the right not sending signals to the PC, nor is it passing signals over the cable to the other keyboard.

Software version 2.00.
Serial numbers 1550-I-R and 1550-I-L
4 months ago
Hi Ashley. It seems like your RF pairing is out of sync. We have a video showing how you can fix this. (
4 months ago
Additional diagnostics.
All FnBlue keys on the left work as expected. So the FnBlue key is recognized on the left, but not the right.
The right DOES recognize other left keys, such as shift, and caps lock.

I re-programmed one of the thumb-keys on the right (5 down, 1 across, in raw mode) to FnBlue.
The goal was to see if the problem was cross-device communication of the Fn-blue.
When I press the FnBlue key on the right, all of the blue layer keys on the right work.
So that confirms that the right knows what blue-layer keys are supposed to be, and that it fails to see the FnBlue key from the left.

I repeated the process by putting a FnYellow on the right, then the yellow keys worked as well
I also confirmed that when the FnYellow on the right was pressed, the yellow layer on the left did NOT work.

So it appears that in both cases, blue or yellow, the Fn-Color key is not being seen by the opposite side.

I was positively overjoyed to get the new board and return to my beloved KeyMouse.
Please let me know what I might do to resolve the problem.
If we need a live session, I'm on US Pacific time (GMT-7), and available from 9am to 11 pm pacific to resolve this.
4 months ago
I got the new board and installed it. The keys were all wrong until I used "Save to KeyMouse Devices" to refresh assignments.
At this point, it MOSTLY works. The default key assignments work, as does the right trackball.
However, none of the Yellow or Blue functions were pushed to the right keyboard, even after saving BOTH left and right assignments at the same time.

The Fn-Blue and Fn-Yellow keys are on the left for me.
Both blue and yellow assignments work on the left keyboard.
It appears that the right is not recognizing that the color functions are being pressed on the left.
I am using the cables... no Bluetooth involved.

I am on v 2.00 of the KeyMouse software.
My key assignments are in the attached image.
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4 months ago
Hi Ashley. That behavior is strange. Your order showed up in our system so we will process and ship it.
4 months ago
I just placed the order, paid via PayPal, and when it returned me to, your site said
"Order is not existed!"
I confirmed on PayPal that the charge did go through on my side.
4 months ago
Hi Ashley. This seems like the mini USB port on the right-hand track is going out. This is due to the mini USB port being surface mounted and is very easy to break. We have a limited quantity of 100 series Main PCBs, but I can put one on the website for you to purchase.
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