Tuesday, 12 September 2017
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Hello KeyMouse Users,
We're exploring some options to improve the palm/wrist rest. The rubber coating we have added has not been lasting as long as we wish, so we are exploring many other rubber coatings currently. Based on our own use, we feel the rubber has been necessary to provide added grip while using KeyMouse. Maybe just using an improved type of rubber will be sufficient, but I'm requesting your input/feedback:

1. Do you like having rubber grip on the entire palm rest? Shall we keep it for future versions (with longer lasting rubber)?
2. We're planning some future updates to the palm rest to conform it even more perfectly to your hand shape. If the palm rest had even more surface contact area with the hand, and had small grooves for the fingers, etc., maybe the rubber would not be needed? What do you think?
4 years ago
I am happy with no coating on the palm area, feels no different than a standard mouse.

For the wrist rest, could try a soft leather/suede like what is used on the MS Sculpt Ergonomic kb.
4 years ago
@Ben Thanks for the input :) Looking forward to any more comments from anyone. We just want to make sure the changes we make are moving in the right direction.
4 years ago
Hi everyone!

I haven't tested a KeyMouse (but am planning to get one in the nearest future).
However, from the pictures, I feel like the wrist rest is a bit low : it would seem that the less tiring typing position is when hand and forearm make little to no angle at all, the elbows resting on a table. One advantage of a two parts keyboard is that (with a laptop for example) the hands can type on the sides of the screen, or even behind it! Thus allowing to keep elbows rested.
To secure the lowest angle of the wrist, a higher wrist rest (and/or a lower palm rest, but I think the more the fingers hang, the more comfortable it is) would seem necessary. Along maybe with a lightly concave pit to rest the base of the hand, just ahead of the wrist.
So that the hand and forearm weigh on the fleshy part of the hand, nearest of the wrist.
For the mouse moves, a pit under the palm, to the front, for the fingers to grab, could be more efficient IMO than using the whole hand to get a grip. Two (or less) fingers could be enough.

I hope I managed to make myself understood without any drawings!

Once again, I haven't met a real life Keymouse yet, and I know you have already done a lot of testing. Yet I think on the long run the wrist position is a crucial point.

In any case, I finally vote against the rubber : the shape itself should be enough to move the device, and most of all, the rubber even of a good quality, gets old and dirty quite faster than plastics. Though it gives a nice touch and a classy look at the beginning.

As this is my first post here, I'd like to add that KeyMouse is the best keyboard project I've ever known of.
Since 2015, I had little to no news and was as disapointed that I would never see it alive, as I'm glad today to see that the work hasn't stopped at all and that some improvements are achieved almost everyday!
Lots of thanks and congratulations for all that!

4 years ago
@Zanobox Thanks for your input and comments. :)
4 years ago
I did some experimentation with some clay modeling over the weekend. Conforming the palm/wrist rest a little more can help with the grip. I'm mostly interested in adding the small grooves for the fingers (not necessarily the 2 bumps on the edge of the wrist since that may be a problem for various hand sizes). If you have any thoughts, we are interested to hear it.

Also, there is a LOT of research and testing going on with various types of paints and finishes. We have some that are looking real promising. We'll know more later this week.
4 years ago
I'm a little late her But Just thought I would mention I really like the Rubber feel on the palm grip area it helps to keep the keymouse in position as I move the mouse around while typing.
4 years ago
I'm game without the rubber. The weight of my hand is more than enough to keep in contact.
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