Wednesday, 15 December 2021
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Hey KeyMouse Team,

I follow on Twitter and also put my email in the "Subscribe to our Mailing List" box, both of which are at the bottom of every page on, but it looks like neither of those are being used anymore to share updates with your customers. Would it be possible to start sharing updates via Twitter and/or your mailing list again?

Thanks, and psyched to read more about the latest and greatest KeyMouse progress!
7 months ago
Hi JB,
For now we created another category in our Forum for Product Development Blog
Users can subscribe to that category if they want more regular updates and to be more involved in the product & software development.

We'll experiment with posting more regularly there, and then when we have bigger product announcements we'll post on our main blog, Twitter, Facebook, email blast, etc. I know it's kind of different/weird to put a blog in the forum, but I kind of like having the community discussion here in one place.
9 months ago
JB thanks for the feedback. Actually, we didn't do a big announcement when we came back on the market since it's still Beta, plus so many people have been waiting we would be backed up for months if we announced it to everyone without getting all our ducks in a row (we're still catching up from those who saw the forum post and bought). Also, this "Beta" period is helping us have a little time to get our manufacturing processes back up to speed, work out bugs in the software, etc. There's a lot we can improve in this area once we get everything rolling again. :)
9 months ago
Oh, and one more kind of update that customers like me would want to subscribe to: New releases of the KeyMouse software (along with associated release notes / highlighted changes).

One good way to accomplish this would be to publish new releases to a GitHub repo.

Then users could watch that repo for new releases.

That way, GitHub would handle all the mechanics of emailing (or otherwise notifying watchers as per their configured settings) with the KeyMouse team's nicely formatted release notes, users could just use GitHub to manage their associated subscription settings, and the KeyMouse team could focus more on building KeyMouse.
9 months ago
Heber wrote:
> Since we got back on the market

Meant to say, this is just the sort of update I would have loved to get an email about! 😅

(Since I missed this momentous update, out of curiosity, where was the official announcement for this? It wasn't this forum post, was it? This seems like too important an update to limit to just a forum post, since I think many more people would be interested than are checking the forums for new posts on a regular basis.)

Congrats on being back on the market!! 🎉
9 months ago
Thanks, Heber!

Much appreciate the desire to not spam people who've signed up for email updates. That said, I think I signed up over 3 years ago and haven't received any email updates yet, which I agree with you isn't often enough. I think the right amount would be between 1 email per quarter and 1 email per month (no more). I presume the emails would have a 1-click unsubscribe link so that if 1 per month is too much for someone, it's easy to unsubscribe. But with anything less than 1 email per quarter, some customers may start to forget you exist. 🤣

It makes sense to me to reserve the more frequent, finer-grained updates for Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/etc. as opposed to email. Those platforms already offer built-in controls so that your followers there can tune how much of your updates they get.

So I wouldn't divide your two categories of updates into two different channels per platform. Just have a single channel where you post anything and everything that enough people seem to be liking/resharing/watching/etc., with email being the one exception where you post no more than once per quarter with only the major highlights since the last email.

9 months ago
Hi JB,
Thanks. Since we got back on the market we've been pretty busy just building the orders that have come in, but after we get on top of things, we'll do better at posting updates. We've tried to not spam everyone's email unless we have something of substance to say, but I admit we have not emailed enough to the community.

Ultimately, we want to divide our communication into 2 categories:
1. Regular updates on what we're doing (3D model changes, software changes, etc.) for people who want to be more connected and involved
2. More significant product updates such as a new product, or significant new feature

We're still deciding how to do this. For example, maybe we should have 2 channels on our Blog (as the primary location we post) and allow users to subscribe to the one they want. These 2 channels could feed into Twitter & Facebook for more coverage. Then we would have to decide whether to have 2 Twitter channels, 2 Facebook channels, 2 YouTube channels...or we could just post all of it on our primary channels, and anyone who doesn't like it can unsubscribe :D. We're open to suggestions.
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