Monday, 14 March 2022
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I'm left handed. Most leftie mice, for some unfathomable-to-me-reason, decided to swap the left and the right mouse buttons. For off the shelf leftie ergo mice I've had to inline a TeensyDuino to soft-swap the left/right mice buttons.

I know EitherMouse and Windows settings can achieve similar changes; but I've found none of these software setting solutions properly support RDP sessions. The only way to fix RDP sessions was inlining the TeensyDuino - works 100% of the time for RDP; the only issue still not solved has been some DirectX games don't seem to repeat correctly.

If I go KeyMouse;
1. would it be easy to customise and add a little DIP switch to flip the left and right mouse buttons?
2. would it be possible to change a setting in the KeyMouse software to achieve the same thing? - and has anyone verified this in RDP sessions?

FWIW waiting on sidelines for the return of the self-print option.

Kind regards,

4 months ago
I use the left click on the right side Track, and the right click on the left side Track. Is that what you're asking?
4 months ago
The Teensy 4.1(?) board has USB host header built in; I used that, printed a case, bought enough headers, connetors and USB-female-A to make probably a 1000 of these so have loads of spares if you want me to make one for you, cost (incl Teensy is the biggest part ofc) plus postage (I'm in the UK though).
4 months ago
Hey Justin,

I love your solution with the Teensy! How exactly did you do this? Did you have to solder on a second USB Type-A port? Do you mind sharing your code?

I wanted to do this kind of thing before, I've never actually thought to do it though.
5 months ago
Hi Justin,
Swapping the left/right buttons on KeyMouse should be pretty easy to do using our programmable key layouts. For example, you could create a "Red" layer. Then on that layer you would program the left/right swapped. Then on your default "white" layer, you would just choose a key or button and program it to FN Red Lock. When you press that key, it will swap to the Red layer. Then in the Red layer, you would just program that same key as FN Default Lock (to swap back to the default "normal" layer). Then this key will act as a toggle between layers.

Regarding the option to assemble yourself. We have the instructions completed for KeyMouse Track, and almost complete for KeyMouse Alpha. We do not yet have an easy way to add all the items to the cart as a kit, but for now you can manually add them (just remember to double the qty to get parts for both left/right hands since the instructions show quantities for 1 hand). The instructions and process will get more clear and better in the future, but this is what we have for now.

KeyMouse Track Assembly Instructions
KeyMouse Alpha Assembly Instructions
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