Main Keys  Main face up keys located at end of fingertips when placing hands correctly on device


   Thumb Keys  Face up keys located near and accessible to the thumb


   F Keys  Small round face up keys on inside edge of device


   Side Buttons  Buttons located on side of device just below the scroll wheel


     Palm Rest  Center "bump" on device where your palm touches when hands placed correctly on device


     Wrist Rest  Rear part of device where your wrist touches when hands placed correctly on device


   Top Housing  Top half of exterior plastic housing


   Bottom Housing  Bottom half of exterior plastic housing


   Main PCB Module  Main circuit board inside device that controls all functions of device


   Mouse Sensor Module  Optical laser sensor on bottom of device that controls the mouse cursor


   Scroll Wheel Module  Rubber/plastic wheel near thumb for scrolling up and down


   Cherry Key Modules  Mechanical switches pressed when typing


   Punch-down Wire  Cable used to link all keyboard switches together


   Side Button Holder  Plastic bracket inside device to secure side buttons and scroll wheel


     Key Cap Puller  Device used to remove key caps


   Key Cap  Removable top plastic piece covering mechanical switches, labeled with letters/functions


     USB Cables  Cables connecting device to computer and to each other


   KeyMouse Software  Software used to program KeyMouse devices