Design and Development of KeyMouse has been a long journey.
There are some individuals that deserve some special recognition in the process of helping us get to this point.

Thank You!

Floyd & Ming from Radicom Research / BluePacket (and all the engineers on the team)
Thanks for helping us through many long days and nights to help us make KeyMouse a reality.

Jason, Craig, Bert, & Sam from Design Catapult
Thanks for catapulting this project into motion.

James Allred
Thanks for helping coordinate lots of details & lining up suppliers for many of the components through the development process.

Ed Diana
Thanks for writing the core of our KeyMouse software and helping us get things into motion.

There are many others who have contributed and helped with bug reports and feedback to improve the product.  Thank you, too.  You know who you are.

-The KeyMouse Team