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I refuse to work without the KeyMouse... I couldn't be happier about using the product.  I'm never going back.
R.C. (Poland)


I've actually owned an Alpha 105 for a year. I'm hooked. You guys are a great team btw. I wasn't able to do my job as a programmer without pain before this, true life saver!
N.R. (Colorado, USA)


OMGOSH!!!! I literally just purchased my KeyMouse less than a week ago and I've already sucomb to the fact that this is better than any other keyboard/mouse combo system that I've ever used before!
R.M. (Missouri, USA)


Once again thank you for this amazing product! I am very happy with not needing to reach for the mouse!
A. T. (California, USA)


Even though I'm a bit slow in typing on this KeyMouse (just got it yesterday), I'm already feeling some relief from my arthritis. I really appreciate your sharing this item to the world!
A.D. (Idaho, USA)


I have [had] the KeyMouse for a few months now, and I will never give it back. :D
You guys have to keep up that good work! Best keyboard ever!
S.S. (Austria)

My KeyMouse is amazing! :)
T.S. (Belgium)


I’m quite impressed with the customer service you provide!  I’ve had my KeyMouse Track for two days now and I’m loving it.  Combined with the macros – this is going to be a great tool! Thank you so much for your assistance!
M.C. (Washington, USA)


After using the KeyMouse (both versions), I find the very idea of having to go back to a standard keyboard/mouse setup downright disgusting.
C.H. (Washington, USA)


So, I am breaking in my KeyMouse Track this morning. So far, outside of simply getting used to it, I am loving it.
(Several weeks later): I really enjoy having the track devices mounted to the chair.  Not sure how I lived without this setup.
C.F. - CAD Operator (Missouri, USA)


I am very happy with the KeyMouse.
B.M. (Australia)


It is really amazing just how much better it is to be able to leave both hands in place on BOTH the keyboard and mouse all the time! So much better than trying to run the whole keyboard with the left hand and always jumping back and forth between mouse/trackball and number pad with the right hand! Plus, the possibilities with layers and customization are opening whole new worlds of possibilities for more effective keyboard shortcuts!
R.C. - CAD/BIM Operator (Idaho, USA)


(1) You guys roooooooock... A+ experience over here. I am deeply pleased with the support I’ve been getting the last couple of days. Keep up the great work.

(2) Today I hit the one week mark with the KeyMouse Alpha, and I have to say that I am absolutely floored. I have been using computers for nearly four decades now, with 25 of those spent working as a professional in computer science. In my opinion this device is the most game-changing peripheral since the invention of the mouse itself. My type speed is very nearly back to what it was on the old-fashioned keyboard, and the way I use the dual-mice combination has evolved to something transcendental. My efficiency is upgrading to god status. The fact that I can customize pretty much everything is also amazing since, like some of your other users, I have a disability that prevents me from taking full advantage of the traditional keyboard.
M.H. (Washington, USA)


I absolutely love typing on the KeyMouse! ...I can't believe I am typing almost normally on the KeyMouse already (after about 2 hrs of use). It truly is great. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for creating it.

(Approx. one week later): As a professional programmer, I am very satisfied with the functionality provided by the KeyMouse. I have made a programming layer offering me select, copy, paste, undo, redo, find and code snippets all at the press of a single F key. Programming with the KeyMouse is both enjoyable and fast!
M. K. (Germany) - see his full review here.


I know your product is on the high end of custom keyboards with the price. It was well worth it though, and I knew it could perform great.
J.G. (Connecticut, USA)


I just purchased the KeyMouse Alpha and I love it. I love it so much in fact that I would like to buy another.
N.T. (Washington, USA)


You'all have an incredible product. My doctor is recommending this to all her patients!
M.C. (Washington, USA)


I am in LOVE!!!!! [with KeyMouse Track] This thing ROCKS!

V.B. (Washington, USA)


I am loving the KeyMouse [KeyMouse Track]. I have been looking for something like it for about three years and it is everything I could have hoped for.
(Later from same customer) Still loving the KeyMouse, and great job with the support as well!

C.F. (Ontario, Canada)


The KeyMouse is very nice... you thought about everything. ;) Keep up the good work.

S.S. (Austria)


Still loving these [KeyMouse] Track units. You guys really have done a fantastic job on these.

R.M. (Missouri, USA)


I have been using your KeyMouse now for several weeks, and I love it. The KeyMouse gave me another chance to continue my work. My hand pain is going away.

(customer had 5 hand surgeries prior to using KeyMouse)

M.H. (Florida, USA)


Thank you for such an amazing product! I can't wait to show it off to my work friends!

P.C. (California, USA)


I need to be quick and effect(ive) at work. Working with multiple programs with multiple windows open. I multitask at its finest with the KeyMouse, the bluetooth is the best feature to me without the need to move my hands from the keyboard to the mouse.

J.G. (Connecticut, USA)


I was one of the original backers too. I bought the finished product and it's well worth it. The biggest improvement in efficiency is def coding / word processing where you're constantly jumping back and forth between mouse and keyboard. Basically works like a system-wide vim I guess. It's also excellent for multi-tasking and form filling.
I'm a few weeks in and still tweaking the layout. But overall it does exactly what it advertises. I've gone from a MMO mouse, to a Pok3r (programmable) keyboard (and the mouse), and this one beats that even in terms of functionality and ease of customization.

L.L. (Colorado)


I am really enjoying the KeyMouse. I can't wait to take it to work and start using it with Auto CAD on a daily basis. This is well worth the money.

B.C. (Florida, USA)


I finally got the KeyMouse! It is really fun to work with... it is amazing how much I can modify everything to my needs. [I] have never had experience like that in the keyboard/mouse world. I could [also] notice that it improved my posture. Because I have my hands more widely positioned, my posture is more straight and open. I am really satisfied with [the] KeyMouse and hope it will last some time.

G.Z. (Slovenia)


I finally started using my KeyMouse and I'm loving it!

J.R. (New York, USA)


I really like KeyMouse and hope you [have] continued success.

P.K. (California, USA)


Really enjoying the KeyMouse!

J.L. (Iowa, USA)


I am very happy with the final product, as this made me super productive at work. 

J.G. (Connecticut, USA)


I'm so glad this product exists!

V.P. (Massachusetts, USA)


I'm testing my new KeyMouse, and it's pretty awesome!

M.M. (Arizona, USA)


I am loving the KeyMouse it is the Best Kickstarter Project I have participated in so far by far!!!
You really do go way over on your Customer Care, and that is not a complaint. It is a refreshing break from the norm these days! Thanks again for your excellent Customer Care.

H.W. (New Hampshire, USA)


As a web programmer I have been using one of the older versions of KeyMouse for almost year, I LOVE it, it is an amazing product.

J.G. (Utah, USA)


I have been enjoying the convenience they [KeyMouse] offer me ever since [I received them].

S.I. (Oregon, USA)


I LOVE THE KEYMOUSE... I love you all :)... May the KeyMouse conquer the world.

S.F. (France)


This is coming from someone who has backed hundreds of Kickstarters: You guys are hands down the most professional group of people founders I have ever had the pleasure of supporting. I certainly hope people take note of your work and support your dedication to a top quality product.
M. (New York, USA) (backer of 399+ projects)


I just wanted to share my experience with you about my Keymouse Track. I have been using your product for about 2+ years and have two Tracks - one at home, one at work. Your product has saved my career! I've had some ulnar nerve subluxation and carpal tunnel issues in my right arm making work extremely painful for a long time. I was debating not working as an engineer due to the extreme pain and I felt hopeless and lost.

I've tried multiple keyboards and mice in my quest for relief. None of them worked for me, until I discovered the Keymouse Track. I saw a review on Linus Tech Tips and was curious so I bought one. Not only did it eliminate my issues but I also seem to type faster than ever.

I am so grateful for your product and I just want you to know that you've changed my life for the better. I wish the entire Keymouse team success and I hope you stick around. Look forward to more great things from you in the future.

Thank you again,
Mak A.